•       Emergency Water Removal and Extraction

•       Structural Drying and Dehumidification

•       Total Humidity Removal

•       Pipe Break and Plumbing Emergencies

•       Document Drying

•       Pack Out Services

•       Sewage Cleanup

•       Complete Property Restoration

•       Direct Insurance Billing


Whether your property is being victimized by leakages, flooding, sewage problems, water logging or humidity, we guarantee you to reinstate it to its original condition.

Additionally, for your convenience we also work in coordination with your insurance company for all repair and restoration processes.


LATIMER CONSTRUCTION is at your fire damage before the smoke clears. We quickly respond to your call and immediately follow up with an inspection, estimates and specifications to get you back on your feet fast.


  1.         Pack out- belongings moved out, inventoried and stored

  2.         Demolition/debris removal

  3.         Carpentry and millwork

  4.         Drywall/plaster

  5.         Contents Cleaning

  6.         Commercial duct cleaning air purification

  7.         Complete cleaning, historic preservation

  8.         Board-ups, tarping, emergency fencing

  9.         Decontamination/soot cleaning

  10.         Roofing, flooring, and electrical

  11.         Fencing/siding and masonry/tile

  12.         Total reconstruction and disaster repairs

The unexpected damages created by Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes and storms can be devastating to your home or property. Receiving immediate emergency service after a loss is crucial in the restoration process.

LATIMER CONSTRUCTION™ has the experts to restore your property quickly, with minimal disruptions. Our timely response and knowledgeable staff will help you get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

  1. Emergency water extraction

  2. Emergency roof repair

  3. Emergency board up

  4. Tree Removal

  5. Emergency pack out & storage services

  6. Drying & dehumidifying flooded areas

  7. Books and documents drying

  8. Take immediate odor controlling steps

  9. Clean and deodorize clothing and other belongings

  10. Complete reconstruction and remodeling services

  11. Electrical and plumbing repairs

  12. Test and evaluate all damage to contents and structure


New Construction

Latimer Construction can assist you with New Construction, Additions, and Renovations of Residential and Commercial properties.  Our experienced staff can lead you through the important planning and design process all the way to completion of the project.  We also perform tenant buildout services for Commercial Property managers and owners.

  1.        New Residential Construction

  1.        New Commercial Construction

  1.        Tenant Buildout Services

  1.        Additions and Garage Apartments

  1.        Renovations - Residential and Commercial